This page is a designed to be a handy source of information for ICTA members.  Do you have something that could be useful for other treasurers?  Send it to the webmaster!

General Information - Duties of the County Treasurer
Illinois County Officers Handbook
County Treasurers' Training Manual 2019
Statutes cheat sheet
American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)
American Rescue Plan Act - Compliance and Reporting Guidance
ARPA Compliance and Administration - Bellwether presentation Fall 2021
2022 Fall ARPA Update Bellwether
Investing Public Funds
Investing Encyclopedia - IMET (Sofia Anastopoulos)
FDIC Deposit Insurance for Governments
2022 Fall US Treasuries Presentation (Joe Pellegrino)
Government Finance Officers Association Code of Ethics
Sustainable Investment Act IML Fact Sheet
Sample investment policy - Williamson County
Property Tax Collection
IL Dept. of Revenue General Property Tax Information and Resources
The Property Tax Cycle (PDF)
IL Dept. of Revenue Publications – Property Tax Cycle
Tax Sale Fees Cheat Sheet
County Trustee Insulation from Liability
Bankruptcy Procedures
Sales in Error & PTAB Refunds
Sale in Error Cheat Sheet old version
Sale in Error Cheat Sheet 2024
Property Tax Code Article 21

Admin. Sale in Error Letter to Tax Buyer (Word)
Admin. Sale in Error Declaration (Word)
Sale in Error Interest Template (Excel)
PTAB Refund Worksheet 2022
Interest rates for PTAB Refunds
State Distributed Taxes
IL Department of Revenue Local Government Resources (state distributed taxes)
IL Department of Revenue Tax Info 2021 Handout
Department of Revenue Reciprocal Agreement Information
Records Retention & Disposal
Local Records Disposal Guide
Administrative Rules - Local Records Act
Unclaimed Property
Unclaimed Property Basic Info

Synopsis of Revisions to Unclaimed Property Act 2017
Reporting Unclaimed Property 37 slides
Curts PTAX-255 Balancing Spreadsheet
Local Assistance and Tribal Consistency Fund (Bellwether)
The Budget Process (Bellwether)

Sample documents
Boone Tax Bill Back Side 2022 Kane Back Side Hamilton County Tax Bill