About Us

The Illinois County Treasurers’ Association (ICTA) is made up of county treasurers, deputy county treasurers and retired county treasurers throughout the state. 

Many vendors and financial institutions have joined our ranks as associate members.  View a list of associate members here.  Click here for information on our Associate Membership Program.

The ICTA is affiliated with the Illinois Association of County Officials.

View our membership directory here.
View our constitution and by-laws here.
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Read minutes of past meetings here.

Our association is divided geographically into four zones. View the zone map here.

For more information, contact
Louisa Ewert
President, Illinois County Treasurers’ Association
PO Box 3277
Rock Island, IL 61204-3277



2020 Leadership Team
President Louisa Ewert Rock Island   Zone Chairmen    
1st Vice President Sarah Hall Hamilton   Zone I Donna Masterson Wayne
2nd Vice President Shelly Friend Pope   Zone II Kirby Ballard Greene
3rd Vice President Betty Asmussen Christian   Zone III George Edwards Coles
4th Vice President Staci Mayall Fulton   Zone IV Kevin Kunkel Putnam
Treasurer Jenny Geirnaeirt Morgan        
Secretary Andrew Lopinot St. Clair        
Committees (first person listed is chairman)
Associate Membership Staci Mayall Fulton   ICTA Web Site Curt Newport Boone
  Chris Slusser Madison   Zone I Debbie Smith Edwards
        Zone II Betty Asmussen Christian
Audit & Budget Jill Ferko Kendall   Zone III George Edwards Coles
  Tim Wells Henry   Zone IV Bev Lower Mercer
Awards Brent Williams Johnson   ICTA PAC Kirby Ballard Greene
  Mary Jane Craft Perry   PAC Treasurer Kris Pilkington Hancock
IACO Representative Kirby Ballard Greene   Treasurer Merchandise Cynthia Nighsonger Marshall
        Legislative Jenny Geirnaeirt Morgan
Conference - Spring Brent Williams Johnson     Kirby Ballard Greene
April 20-22, 2020 Stephanie Helmuth Moultrie     Nikki Lohman Montgomery
Springfield Jenny Geirnaeirt Morgan     Justin Jeffers Randolph
Conference - Summer Cynthia Nighsonger Marshall   Mentoring Donna Masterson Wayne
July 27-29, 2020 Holly Kim Lake     All Zone Chairmen  
Rock Island County            
        NACCTFO Delegate Sarah Hall Hamilton
Conference - Fall Tim Wells Henry        
November 18-20, 2020 Paula Leezer Stark   Nominating Candy Knight Brown
Normal Betty Asmussen Christian   All active Becky McNeil McLean
        past presidents Bobbi Rairden Douglas
Constitution, By-laws Bob Watt Jefferson     Donna Masterson Wayne
          Kirby Ballard Greene
Hospitality Kevin Kunkel Putnam     Christine Johnson DeKalb
          Curt Newport Boone
Treasurer Directory Kevin Kunkel Putnam